Sunday, January 21, 2018

BEFORE AND AFTER - Powder Bathroom

Hope everyone is enjoying the respite from the frigid cold and snow that we've been experiencing in January.  Today, I'd like to show how to add "Wow!" to a powder bathroom.

When my Glenridge client moved into her home, the powder bathroom looked like this:

While it was tastefully decorated, it didn't reflect her style.  We were transforming her entire house from dark and traditional to contemporary with various hues of of grey.  She wanted to make sure that this room also reflected the new style.  As well, she had a mirror from her previous home that she wanted incorporated into the design. 

First, I selected a dramatic dark grey wallpaper that had flecks of silver in the pattern.  Chrome faucets, crystal knobs and crystal and chrome sconces added to the bling.  We were originally going to replace the ornate vanity but I suggested that money could be saved by finishing the vanity with a high-gloss charcoal paint.  Polished light grey quartz countertop and crystal knobs completed the vanity.  Here's the end result:

Can you believe it's the same room?  The same vanity?  In this case, all the elements combine to reflect glamour and glitz.  Sometimes, all I've had to recommend is a beautiful wallpaper to add "Wow!" to a powder bathroom. 

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