Monday, February 19, 2018

Office Sanctuary

When my client asked me to design her home office, she had very specific requirements:  it needed to remind her of Palm Springs with light flooring, incorporate her favourite complementary colours - blue and orange - and include white walls on which to display her photography.

Since the office is located in the basement, I recommended vinyl plank flooring that replicated bleached wood.  A floating desk - supported behind the drywall with heavy-duty supports - and floating shelves, painted the same colour as the walls, was installed.  As well, storage was placed under the desk. 

On the other side of the room, we created a sitting area with sofa, ottoman, custom cabinet and TV.  Here is where the blue and orange colour scheme really came to life!  The woven rug was designed to mimic the fabric in the toss cushion.  My client loves Lego so the shelving unit at the far end holds my client's finished Lego models.  The rotating group of photographs will eventually hang on the white walls.  In the meantime, the highlight is the artwork she found in Montreal showing a collage of melted Lego pieces.  It looks amazing!

My design philosophy is not to create cookie-cutter rooms but to design spaces that reflect my clients' personal tastes and preferences.  This home office is exactly what my client envisioned for herself.

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