Friday, September 17, 2010

Wool Rug Facts

When recommending an area rug, my preference is towards 100% wool, especially for families with children. Here are the reasons why:

Wool resists dirt, retains its appearance and stays cleaner longer. Its natural lanolin helps to repel grime. Its ability to absorb moisture prevents a build-up of static electricity, which means that wool does not attract dust from the air.

Wool is water repellent. The scales on the outside of the fibre cause liquid to roll of the surface, thereby repelling the liquid.

Wool is naturally elastic. Wool can be twisted and stretched and then return to its natural shape. That's why wool carpets retain their springy pile for many years.

Wool insulates against noise. It absorbs sound and reduces noise level considerably.

A high-quality wool rug should last a lifetime so cost should be considered as a long term investment, much like well made furniture. In a future blog, I'll explain how to recognize a high-quality rug.

Living Room Transformation

There's a fascination for "before" and "after" pictures and this sure holds true for design makeovers. I've had the pleasure of transforming the living space for a wonderful family and thought I'd share it with you.

The "before" is actually an empty room. Our clients moved into a large condo in the St. Clair and Avenue Road area, and while there was some furniture that had to be incorporated into the new space, we designed most of the living room from scratch.

The "after" shot shows the cold stark space transformed into a comfortable, elegant room.
Using a colour palette of grays and creams, with contrasting dark wood, we achieved our clients' desire for serenity while the uniquely designed furniture, including the Art Deco piano, reflects the taste and personality of our clients.

For more photos, check out the newest sample in our Portfolio.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Clients' Finds

Every once in a while my clients tell me about something they've found that they think I'd like to share with others. Here are a few:

Margaret loves to bake but the hard slate kitchen floor in her condo (which she decided to live with for the time being) was causing discomfort especially in her knees. She purchased a gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mat from GelPro. These mats come in assorted colours and sizes and Margaret says it's made a huge difference when she's on her feet baking.

Amanda wanted to create a princess bed for her three-year-old daughter, Charlotte. She went on-line and found a US site that sells a crown that mounts on the wall. She added the fabric to it. Princess Charlotte loves it!

This crown can be found at Horchow. Amanda couldn't order it on-line to ship to Canada but she says ordering it by phone was very efficient.

Helen found a fabulous website that provides lettering for walls. There is a bulkhead facing her bed in the bedroom that can't be seen anywhere else in her condo. She is planning to put up an inspirational saying on the bulkhead to inspire her as she wakes each morning. I've checked it out and have ordered my designers' sample kit. I intend on adding this to my repertoire. For more information, look at Wonderful Graffiti.