Friday, May 21, 2010

Unwanted furniture?

Before a renovation or new room design takes place, my clients are often faced with the challenge of disposing of their old furniture. This can be emotionally difficult when the furniture has sentimental value and there are no family members who want to take it. Or there are situations where there are no offers to buy from craigslist or kijiji and you're stymied how to get rid of it.

I refer my clients and friends to one of my favourite charities, Furniture Bank - which furnishes homes in the Greater Toronto Area for women and children escaping violence, refugees and the homeless. Recycling the furniture that you don't need by donating to Furniture Bank helps in two ways: Firstly, this not-for-proft organization will place your "cast-offs" in the home of a family in need. In 2010, approximately 2,400 homes will be furnished.

Secondly, in 2009, Furniture Bank helped to divert 1100 metric tons of waste from landfills. What does just one metric ton look like? Fourteen sofas - imagine that multiplied by 1100.

So make your life and heart much lighter and help reduce landfill waste at the same time.