Friday, October 7, 2011

Avoid Electrostatic Shocks

As we head into the cooler temperatures, I notice that with the drier indoor air the number of static shocks I receive in our home is electrifying! These tips to reduce static electricity was brought to my attention courtesy of the blog: Compare Electricity Rates.
  1. Increasing Humidity. Should you live in a very dry climate and get lots of days when it causes static shocks then improving the humidity can help with that problem. A humidifier can add moisture to the air or even something like running a shower will help.
  2. Using Dryer Sheets. Placing dryer sheets in your dryer when using it can cut down on the problem of static electricity when drying your clothes. Not only do they help to decrease problems of wrinkles, but they also help with in the area of static electricity that can make things like socks stick together.
  3. Cotton Layers. With things like blankets or clothes that you stack in layers and the fibers tend to cause build ups in static charges adding something between them made of cotton is a good idea. It will reduce the problem and cut down on the change of shocks.
  4. Wetting Your Hair. If you are going to use the clothes dryer a good option to keep from the risk of getting a shock is to slightly wet your hair. That will decrease the chance of static electricity build up.
  5. Wristbands. There are wristbands you can purchase to wear that will help keep the static charges from building up, when are you working around metal or electric appliances.
  6. Keys. If you have problems with getting shocks when you reach for a door knob then touch it with your car or house key first. It will absorb the electricity without causing you any serious shocks.
  7. Change Your Shoes. Perhaps the type of sole on a given pair of shoes contributes to you getting shocked. Then switching to a different pair can take care of that problem.
  8. Taking Off Jewelry. If you are going to be working around metal and will have to touch it a lot then removing any jewelry can cut down on the chances of getting shocked.
  9. Avoid Wool Clothes. Reduce your chances of shocked by not wearing clothes made of something such as wool. It is more prone to have static charges than fabrics made of cotton.