Monday, March 4, 2013

Indoor vegetable garden for your kitchen

Last year, while watching Dragons' Den on TV, I saw an incredibly innovative solution to year-round fresh herbs and veggies in your home:  the Urban Cultivator.  Interested in learning more about this novel appliance, I contacted their head office in Vancouver.  The size of a wine fridge, it can be built into the cabinetry of a new kitchen renovation like a dishwasher, or it can be a stand-alone appliance on wheels.

I think this is perfect for vegetarians and those people concerned about eating fresh, healthy home-grown greens year-round in Canada.  The distributor for the Urban Cultivator is Appliance Love,  located in downtown Toronto and Mississauga.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.  Do you think this is something that will one day be as essential to the modern kitchen as the refrigerator and stove?

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